Saturday, October 15, 2011

23 hippies arrested in Denver--the names.

Well denver's dirty hippies wanted to protest and make a statement, so me being a nice guy, I'm helping 23 of them out by making sure that a record remains of their names and arrests long after the Denver Post takes the story down. This should give them reason to be proud for some time to come and it should also assist any potential future employers or dates. I know that if I were hiring employees, these folks could just forget about filling out an application for any position that I'd need mature, responsible people for, and God help them if one came around trying to date my son, daughter, sister, etc,.

According to Denver Police and Denver County court records, the 23 people listed below were arrested when law enforcement evicted participants in the Occupy Denver movement on Oct. 14. Most were charged, given a court date, and released with no bond assigned.

-- Jordan Brody, 20, unlawful conduct on public property.

-- Christopher Burkhardt, 27, unlawful conduct on public property.

-- Elisha Capracota, 29, unlawful conduct on public property.

-- Matthew Carlton, 26, unlawful conduct on public property.

-- Cory Donahue, 28, unlawful conduct on public property and resisting arrest, bond set at $1,000.

-- Barbara Gawlowski, 32, harassment.

-- Ryan Hartman, 32, unlawful conduct on public property.

-- Charles Howe, 30, unlawful conduct on public property and resisting arrest, bond set at $1,000.

-- Justin Jeffries, 26, unlawful conduct on public property.

-- Kerri Kellerman, 38, unlawful conduct on public property.

-- Richard Klassen, 23, unlawful conduct on public property.

-- Noah Levine, 19, giving false information and obstruction of a roadway.

-- Scianda Long, 24, unlawful conduct on public property.

-- Vincent Lopez, 24, unlawful conduct on public property.

-- Patrick Marsden, 31, unlawful conduct on public property, bond set at $2,000.

-- Kristopher Norvell, 23, failure to obey a police order.

-- Aaron Petrovich, 40, assault.

-- Tiffany Rosengrant, 24, unlawful conduct on public property.

-- Jonathan Shepard, 27, unlawful conduct on public property and resisting arrest, bond set at $750.

-- Caryn Sodaro, 46, unlawful conduct on public property, bond set at $300.

-- Aaron Stuckner, 23, unlawful conduct on public property and resisting arrest.

-- Heather Turner, 25, Unlawful Conduct on Public Property and Marijuana Possession under 2 oz.

-- Matthew Velasquez, 25, unlawful conduct on public property.

There they are, folks. Twenty-three losers who have absolutely no reason for even existing. While everyone around them is getting up and going to work every day, these losers are just lounging around in their own filth and contributing exactly nothing to society.

The article doesn't report if the hippies were bathed, shaved and given flea dips, but for the sake of the police that had to handle them and the community in general, one can only hope so.

BTW, Caryn...Forty-six years old and still getting arrested by the police? You're not an idealistic kid any more, sweetie. And that's probably why you had to post a cash bond. That's society's way of suggesting that it's time for you to grow up.

And any other bloggers out there, I'd encourage you to follow suit any time you see the name of any of these dirtbag hippies appearing in print following an arrest. If they want to make a public statement so bad, let's be decent and help them own it.


  1. I would bet the older group smoked too much dope in their teens and early twenties.

  2. Good idea, and I'll do it if I see names! I had forgotten it till you mentioned it, but yeah, hippies stink... Literally! Haight Ashbury back in the early 70's might have been the place of free love, but it WASN'T the place of free baths...

  3. I remember when the Grateful Dead played at Laguna Seca. It was late 80's I think. I pulled over a van decorated with flowers, skulls, grafitti, etc for about 75 mechanical violations. When they pulled open the side door about a dozen deadheads spilled out in a visible cloud of funk and patchouli smoke. Fingers firmly attached to my nose, I cut out the owner, herded the rest back into the van and wrote him a reminder that vehicle safety is everyone's responsibility. No way was I going to spend a second more in their company than I could avoid. I still had to burn that uniform.

    I like your Hall of Shame idea ML. If I see any I'll enshrine them for all eternity in the internet archives of the terminally stupid.

  4. Great Idea! Will do!

  5. I'm going to have to disagree with you about the ongoing protests. Not being a filthy hippie myself, and working full time in a blue-collar job, I still do really believe the protests are for the most part legitimate.

    Why are these people in this age group camping in parks instead of going to work? Well, likely because there isn't much work to do.

    Yesterday I had a beer with a very good friend of mine, a God-fearing decent man who has been unemployed now for more than a year. He is 56 and has an extensive manufacturing background, and is now very likely never going to be decently employed ever again. He can't get a job at a gas station; and he told me if he wasn't trying to care for his elderly, blind mother, he'd be protesting, too.

    You seem to not realize or much care the situation out here is much, much worse than is generally acknowledged. When these basically middle-class people can't be employed in the positions they were trained and prepared to fill, that's the end, and no amount of schooling or work at WalMart will fix it. That's a fact, man.

    Historically speaking, revolutions and permanent societal changes are caused by restive middle classes: decent people made angry. The rabble never make changes real; it's the middle class, the merchant class, the educated class that makes regimes change. When they get angry, entire governments fall.

    These protests are ominous. These are the people that force events.
    Whether you like it or not, the protests need to be taken very, very seriously. Politically and historically, these are the people that push things to breaking points; ignorant name calling and dismissive comments are not smart in this situation.

    I can't stand deliberate ignorance; and you are being deliberately ignorant. I hope you're better than that, man.