Monday, November 21, 2011

Little dramas all around us

So yesterday in my travels, as I pass through a drive-thru to pick up a caffeinated beverage, I see in my mirror a lady getting into her car a short distance away. She sets her own beverage atop her roof, opens her car door, gets in, then closes her door and starts her engine. Surely she remembers the drink that she just set up on the roof, right?

She backs up about three feet, then hits her brakes. The drink topples over and cascades down her rear window.

I'm guessing that she didn't remember.

And yes, she was a blonde.


  1. I can't say a thing; in college after leaving the Navy, I placed my shiny black shoes on the roof, carefully put my rented tuxedo on the hook above the back seat, and drove away. Didn't miss the shoes until I got to campus - and never heard them cascade down the side or back windows, either.

    It was the glass-pack muffler on my muscle car ... yeah, that's it.

  2. And, dis you spew your caffeinated beverage all over your windshield?

  3. LOL, not the FIRST time that has happened... I saw a guy last week with his coffee cup STILL on the top of his car at 20 mph (was one of those wide base ones)...

  4. I've done that more than once (and I'm not blond).

    Worse, late at night and hoping fresh air might wake me up, rolled down all four windows at 75 mph. Forgot a file folder with legal documents on the back seat. Ended up walking two miles with a flashlight finding all the papers.

  5. I did that with my wallet once. Fortunately I hadn't gone far before I realized it, and it was all still there in the roadway when I got back! A little scattered about, but I recovered everything!

    And no, I'm not blonde!

  6. I once stopped a woman as she was about to turn onto the highway from our subdivision. Her purse was on the roof of her car.

    Nope, she was not blonde.

    Not that it matters. I think we've all done something like that at least once.