Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Obama's illegal alien uncle allowed to drive again

Just a week after a court ordered his driver's license suspended for 45 days after he copped a plea deal in a drunk driving case, Obama's uncle Onyango, who is in our country illegally despite being ordered deported years ago, claimed that the suspension that he agreed to as part of that plea deal would be an undue hardship, making it difficult for him to get to his job as manager of a liquor store. So now he's going to be allowed to drive from noon to midnight, even though he's not supposed to even be in our country.

Uncle Obama on the roads again

He also got a sweetheart deal which will erase the conviction if he avoids getting arrested again for a year. And all through this trial, he was represented by the same high-powered lawyers that crawled out from under a rock to represent Obama's Aunt Zeituni in her ultimately successful quest to fight deportation and remain on welfare in a Boston public housing apartment paid for by us taxpayers.

Rule of law? Not in Massachusetts if you're one of the special people, and not in America if you're connected to Barack Hussein Obama.

It's also ironic that Obama never ceases to tell us all how we need to pay more taxes to support other poor people that we don't even know, but he still leaves his own relatives languishing on welfare instead of paying their bills out of his own millions.


  1. Drinking and driving problem and they give him a hardship license so he can run... a liquor store. Ummmm.

    Maybe Obama is waiting for undertaxed Buffet to write the check?

  2. And the sorry bastard has the nerve to caution the Judiciary Branch not to overturn his pet legislation.

    November can't come soon enough.

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  4. This is an example of the contempt for the law coming from and on behalf of politicians and their ilk claiming to stand up for the little people and the middle class.

    After all, if you or I are caught drinking and driving, much less being an illegal alien at the time, I highly doubt a court would set aside a plea-bargained license suspension.
    I also can bet the average legal immigrant wouldn't receive such lenient treatment either.

  5. The face palm quotient in this story is just outrageous!