Sunday, September 16, 2012

Freaking Murphy

I came home from work recently to find out that Murphy has now learned how to open my sliding bedroom door. As a reward for this discovery, he treated himself to an afternoon sleeping on my bed, something that is forbidden, which is why the door is shut in the first place when I'm gone. I'm thinking that next time he tries it, there's liable to be a mousetrap or two up there.

German Shepherds...too smart for their own (and everyone else's) good, and always willing to take things just a bit too far.

Thanks, Mr.G!


  1. When he learns to turn on the TV and purchase Pay-Per-View, then you gotta real problem.

  2. Just make sure you account for _all_ of the mousetraps before you shed shoes or clothes, eh?

  3. Time to install a lock on that door if you are serious about keeping Murphy out of there.

  4. ...and I think Murphy & Sienna may have become email pen-pals - today I arrived home to find some things that I'd put in the longer in the trash. Like the wrapper to the chub of ground turkey, the plastic bacon bits bag, some paper towels used to drain the turkey...

    I gave her the evil eye - she knew what it meant.

  5. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Hopefully he will not learn to use a lock pick