Monday, September 17, 2012

It's coming...this week-end.

Sorry for the light posting, but between work, doctors' visits, and preparing for Saturday's blogshoot, I've been a mite busy.

And the shoot is definitely on, with several bloggers and friends coming from a fair ways away. So come one, come all. Bring your guns, and bring some cash for the Wounded Warriors (and also for range fees and dinner afterwards). For more info and range location, leave me a comment with your contact info or e-mail me at:

Oh, and for the people looking for a hotel, I'm steering folks to the Holiday Inn Express in Ranson, as it's close to the range and a few good eateries for our pre- and post-shooting socialization.


  1. Back in battery, hopefully I can stay awake by then... :-)

  2. I hoped my schedule would allow me to make a trip to the Old Dominion, but can do. I hope to make the next one though. Y'all have fun making holes in targets;)