Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Congressman's son beats woman, media ignores it.

One of December's most under-reported stories was that of Patrick Moran, Democrat Jim Moran's good-for-nothing vote-fraud-encouraging son, Patrick Moran, who was charged with a felony on december 1st for beating his girlfriend and slamming her head into a metal trashcan in Washington DC, fracturing her skull.

Well it pays to know people in the District of Columbia (or have a daddy who does) because he just got his felony charge knocked down to a misdemeanor and was given probation in a lightning-fast fast-track disposition that saw the entire case concluded in less than two weeks from the commission of the crime to the disposition in court. For those of you not familiar with DC Superior Court, which normally moves at a glacial pace, that's nothing short of incredible. Natually, people should be asking what role daddy played in this sweetheart deal, and maybe they would if the newspapers had covered it at all. But Congressman Moran apparently has the same friends in the media that refused to report anything that might have made Obama look bad, because it was a total non-story except for little tabloid articles like this one which was just generated by the bar where it occurred as damage control.

Congressman Moran, to his shame, merely calls the vicious domestic violence crime "an embarrassing accident" and claims that his son deserves privacy. Stay classy, James Moran.

I have to wonder how public this all would be had Patrick been the son of a Republican when he commited this violent crime in our nation's capitol.

Oh--and the assault was witnessed by both a Metropolitan Police Department sergeant and an Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration investigator and a police report was generated which, in conjunction with his son's guilty plea in court, makes the Congressman a bald-faced liar.
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  1. Yeah, how 'bout that? Lemme hear another chorus of "The Republican War on Women".

    The Democrat Party - Treat women as objects that are just a warm place to stick it and break them when they piss us off.

  2. Democrats are the current "ruling party" and you're not allowed to talk badly of them.

    Or their "misguided children".

  3. Ya know if I had a kid who did that, I would not being trying to get him out of trouble. Likely my husband would be teaching him a lesson or two about the dangers of hitting a woman. We don't want our children to "get-off" for being criminals. We are funny that way.