Friday, May 31, 2013

What's that about "any landing you can walk way from"?

I've made a few tight landings in my day, but any pilot who can touch down in the living room, navigate the hallway, turn into the kitchen and come to a full stop between the refrigerator and the microwave is truly da man.

Or he's the luckiest idiot alive and a dumbass for running so low on fuel over such a populated and airport-ridden area.

Plane crashes into building in Herndon

When the plane crashed into one of the apartment buildings, the pilot stumbled out of the plane and told one of the residents, "I think we hit your apartment."

Oh, really, Captain Obvious?

I mean, I've had my own brush with the "low fuel fairy" once due to a combination of unforeseen circumstances and poor judgment on my part, but for a "professional" pilot to really run that low at night when surrounded by so many airports? What's that word again? Oh yeah: Inconceivable!

Way to toss a perfectly good Cessna 177 into the recycling bin, Kent But bonus points for hitting a Herndon apartment building and managing to find one of the few units that's not housing fifteen illegal aliens. THAT was a trick in itself. But I'm thinking that the FAA's still going to want a word, though.


  1. Ran out of fuel. Between Philadelphia and DC. Color the pilot nearly terminally careless. Wonder what this will do to his insurance rates?

  2. Sure, Captain Obvious walked away, so it was (ahem) good landing. But ... a great landing is when you can still reuse the plane.

  3. +1 on Rev... Below average for lack of reuse of the bird... And DAMN lucky!!!

  4. Is it contagious?

  5. Anonymous11:46 PM

    What a Dumb a$$

  6. Had an IP in pilot training tell me the three most useless things to a pilot.

    1. Altitude above you.

    2. Runway behind you.

    3. Fuel in the truck.

    Stood me in good stead throughout my career.

  7. And haven't USAF pilots on purposely risked their lives to ride down with their aircraft AWAY from populated zones so civilians would not be endangered?

    Maybe this pilot ought to be charged with gross negligence for what he did. Send a message to all other pilots to wake up and fly the plane right.

  8. a perfectly good Cessna 177?

    Is that an oxymoron?

    Ex f-i-l had a mint Cardinal RG, under 400 TT, always hangared, meticulously maintained - didn't experience the engine problems common to that powerplant (probably due to low hrs) - but seems like everything else was plagued by gremlins: gear that wouldn't drop, electrical system required a new battery about every third flight, and a host of other niggling problems.

    Still, he got top dollar for it when he sold it, due to its condition and relative scarcity of GA inventory.