Monday, June 22, 2015

Fence Fixed. Belle Beaten.

Wow. Fence repair in the hot sun sucks, but it's done. With a lot of plier-work and re-bending, I was able to salvage the crushed section integrity-wise, but it looks like hell now. And as a bonus, I found Belle's latest slither-hole too, one that she's been using to vex me for the last couple of weeks. It was in a really slick spot, but now it's full of big rocks (more fun in the sun) and she's stuck being a pen dog again, at least until she makes another exit tomorrow.

And no, she wasn't physically beaten. She's way too cute and sweet for that. So please save the anonymous tips to the local humane society about dog abuse. They know Belle and I and they know better anyway.


  1. "at least until she makes another exit tomorrow."
    You HAVE learned from experience, haven't you..... :)

    So is this the day that Belle stops being the Great Escaper, and becomes the Cooler Queen........ ? Say it ain't so.......
    /rooting for Belle, and the clock is ticking......

    1. Oh, great. Belle's fan club now has a Welsh contingent. She's gone global. ;-)

  2. This is a heart warming saga. You have provided her with a loving forever home and she keeps you mentally stimulated with occasional physical workouts. Seems to be a win/win.

  3. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Miss Belle says you win for now boss