Monday, June 22, 2015


It's a fine new morning after this week-end's storms. The sun is out, the sky is clear...and a tree down from the storms took out a section of the dog fence during the night, loosing the hounds upon an unsuspecting world when I put them out in the morning.

But they're back. Breakfast is a powerful motivator, I guess. Can't terrorize the neighbors on empty stomachs.

This day is off to a great start...and I'm off to Home Depot for fence-repair supplies.


  1. You need one of those Jurassic Park fences for the wolves.

  2. I sense a Hound(s) of the Baskervilles remake in the works.

  3. Absolutely not. Those Jurassic Park fences never freaking work....

  4. Anonymous6:34 PM

    I hope the wild bunch behaves until you get the fence fixed