Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Pope and the Baby Illegal. Washington DC street theater at it's finest.

Full disclosure notice: I'm not Catholic. That said, I generally respect the Catholic Church and it's leader, the Pope.

However during his visit to Washington DC today, this bit of political theater has me madder than an Ethiopian with no legs watching the last donut roll down a hill.

Security was epic tight as the Papal parade rolled down Constitution Avenue this morning. It was set up by the same people who do the 4th of July and Inauguration security in DC and run along the same model. There were fences along the route, and lines of police officers and Secret Service agents along that fenceline meant to keep the people back.

And yet...

Five year-old daughter of illegal immigrants breaks through DC security barricades to deliver Pope Francis a letter and t-shirt pleading for him to help her family stay in the U.S.

A five-year-old girl got past Pope Francis' ironclad security operation on Wednesday when she breached the barriers to deliver him a personal letter during the papal parade in Washington D.C.
Little Sophie Cruz, who is the daughter of illegal immigrants managed to make her way through the crowd of thousands lining Constitution Avenue and got within feet of Pope Francis' open-air popemobile before Secret Service agents stopped her.
However, the determined youngster who was wearing a bright yellow T-shirt, caught the eye of the pope who beckoned his guards to allow her to
Sophie gave him a letter which called upon the 78-year-old pontiff to help her mother and father, as well as the millions of others who are in the U.S. illegally, to remain in the country.

She also handed the leader of the Catholic church a bright yellow t-shirt that read: 'Pope: rescue DAPA, so the legalization would be your blessing.'

Right. At just that crucial moment, and I saw it on live TV along with much of the country, someone lifted this girl over the fence and she ran right to the Pope with a t-shirt and a letter. Now you can figure that they took advantage of the Pope's reputation as a kind man who loves children and played on it by launching this baby illegal at him, or of you want to be a cynic, you can believe that the Pontiff was expecting this particular girl at this particular time. Either way, she got through and handed him a letter, and he quickly released that letter to the assembled media.

I think that it went something like this:

Hola, Senior Pope,

Just as my parents did not respect the fence around this country, I show my contempt for the one around you by hopping over it, because my agenda is more important than your security or the desires of all of those silly Gringos did are respecting your fence. You see, I am here with my family and hundreds of others from Mexico. You can easily identify us because we’re all wearing these yellow t-shirts with the pro-amnesty slogans on them. Here--I even brought one for you.
We all came here from the west coast today to beg you to make these mean Americans let us stay here in their country. Many of them resent that we came here in defiance of their fences and their laws and made ourselves comfortable in their schools, their hospitals and their neighborhoods. They want us to go home, but we cannot live as well back there because there is no EBT in Mexico and no cable TV. The money is here in America, Senior Pope, so we want to stay here. Help us out with that, ok? Here--I brought you a carefully thought-out letter that some adults gave me after telling me to pretend that I wrote it.

Any questions, just ask one of my people in the yellow shirts. We are all giving interviews today, and we’ll tell you all sorts of sad stories about life in our own country and the hard time we had getting here. In fact, we’ll tell you anything except the names of the people who paid our way to Washington DC today and gave us these shirts. Please don’t ask us about that.

Sigh. OK, it didn't say that, although that's what it should have said, if truth were to apply today. What it really stated was: 'I believe I have the right to live with my parents, I have the right to be happy.' 'All immigrants just like my dad help feed this country. They deserve to live with dignity. They deserve to live with respect. They deserve an immigration reform.'

Yeah, sounds like somthing that a five-year old who speaks English as a second language would write, doesn't it?

And all of you Americans who would have liked a personal audience with the Pope but who stayed behind the fence, well I guess that you're all just suckers, on a par with those who apply to immigrate into our country legally and others who play by the rules.


  1. I am Catholic and the whole thing disgusts me!

    This is the first commie Pope I can remember. I hope he's the last...

  2. In a related story, President Zero tweeted: "Cool t-shirt, Maria. Want to jump over the fence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and bring it to the Oval Office? We should inspire more kids like you to disregard the rule of law, and encourage future Democratic voters. It's what makes America great."

  3. Yeah, heard about that, it was a set up... And playing to the media and congress blatantly... Send 'em back, change anchor baby laws and make them do it the legal way, or not at all.

  4. With all due respect, how many refugees is the Vatican willing to take in? Don't they have lots of room in the Catacombs? Would they let the refugees sleep in the pews of the Sistine Chapel?

  5. What if that 5 year old had been a Muslim bomber instead? Muslim fanatics use kids for bombs. I could see some Jihad watching the TV and noting there is a way to kill the Pope.

    As for the illegals, I am Catholic, and I have compassion, but killing the goose that lays the golden eggs is not, in the long run, helping the poor.

    Plus the Vatican is protected by huge walls, lots of guards, and a stricter immigration policy than any other country in the world. Kind of hypocritical of him to push opening borders to all but his own little fiefdom.

    And as for Global Warming... if it was THAT critical, why did the Pope blow so much gas and make such a huge CO2 footprint, instead of a teleconference?

    Like Instapundent says, "I'll believe there is a real crisis when they start acting like it's a real crisis."

  6. Anonymous1:16 PM

    +1 Old NFO