Monday, May 22, 2017

Little X, at it again.

Took a walk down the side of my house today, down the narrow path where the dogs travel to the back yard from the side door. Almost missed this:
Almost Shepherd sized. The Cooler Queen has been doing her thing. That would have been a dog break tonight or tomorrow.
"Curses! Foiled again!"

But how did she breach that lattice?


  1. That wood lattice is purely decorative. Your going to have to run some chain link or some cattle fence panels along the inside of it. Joys of dog ownership right?

  2. The lattice is plastic and only a year old. I bought it all last year and did the whole freaking back and side of the house just because of her.

    A hamster would not do this to me.

  3. hmmm we use light weight electric fence like for rabbits and such. Doesn't hurt em but they get the idea. As you already know they are escape artists and their puppies are worse!

  4. Anonymous7:53 PM

    Lady Houdini strikes again

  5. Maybe upgrade to steel lattice. Then again, she'd learn to use a cutting torch.

  6. The dogs did a number on that blind in the picture there; As for the lattice work, it's a pretty clean cut so maybe she had help? It's that plastic stuff too so I think she has a partner in crime.

    1. Weren't no "dogs" wrecked that blind. It was all her. Murphy knows how to push them up to look out. Belle pushes through.

  7. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Some day you'll realize the choices are to either trade the mutts for cats or Go Nuclear on Belle: 9 gauge 1 inch mesh, 10 ft chain link fence tilted inward 10 degrees with 3 ft of it trenched in, on 2 7/8" .203" wall posts. Or concrete. 8" concrete walls the same height and depth ought to work. Maybe.

    Might be cheaper to just move to a former SAC base and commute.....

  8. that lattice is flimsy stuff, especially with those jaws working it over.

  9. GSDs are chewers... sigh...

  10. Hey Murphy;

    Just imagine "Steve McQueen in the cooler with his ball and glove".

  11. Used to have a black, mostly cocker spaniel (creatively named "Blackie") who was an escape artist. The backyard had one those woven redwood fences that were popular in the '50s and '60s. All was well until the neighbor kid showed Blackie how to wriggle through the gaps in the fence. Outcomes the chicken wire to close off the gaps.