Saturday, May 20, 2017

Well that's one way to get deported

So this guy gets nailed for 103 incidents of graffiti on the UConn campus...and much of it is anti-Trump...and he's an illegal alien.

Man arrested on 103 counts of anti-Trump vandalism at UConn

Can you say "Straight to the top of the ICE deportation list"? I knew you could.


  1. The article says that he is a community organizer. That explains so much. Likely also a drug dealer to support his life in America.

    Obama would have seen himself in the criminal and might have made him a 'czar' of sorts.

    It's good that we're deporting such as he.

  2. Hey Murphy;

    Well it is Connecticut if he was arrested in State court, they might let him out. If the Feds get him, yep hopefully he can make an impression in Mexico City or something.

  3. And good riddance! :-)

  4. Before he goes, he gets to paint over all the graffiti he spread around and just for kicks-n-grins in a Sheriff Joe pink jumpsuit. Plus he and everyone else being deported has to wear one of those pink jumpsuits back south.