Monday, September 21, 2009

To Brian Laro and his pals: "Gee, you're stupid."

So out in Aurora, Colorado, we've got this guy, Najibullah Zazi, who, along with his father and another joker in New York, are currently under arrest and facing charges for terrorism-related offenses. Of course it goes without saying that his apartment is a hot-spot for federal police and investigators, so where do idiots Brian Laro and Timothy Guinn decide to play militia? That's right--in the parking lot of the same apartment complex.

A team of FBI agents stumbled across these two half-wits and another, unnamed half-wit walking around in camouflage and carrying loaded weapons. Laro had an AR-15 rifle and Guinn had a .45 pistol. The third half-wit was unarmed.

According to the half-wits, they were just sitting around drinking when they heard gunshots, and apparently decided to put on camouflage, arm themselves, and go out to investigate.

Laro was legally drunk, with a Blood Alcohol content of .123 and Guinn's BAC of .020 was just high enough to get his permit to carry a concealed firearm yanked. Both lost the weapons and Laro wound up getting locked up, basically for misdemeanor stupidity.

Moral of the story is: guns and alcohol don't mix, and neither do Walter Mitty commando patrols and areas where anti-terrorism investigators are trying to work.


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  1. You are the half wit! It's funny how you don't know anything about what happened except what you read in the news. It takes a real genius to post something from just reading it. All charges against Brian Laro were dropped. He had camo pants on because he was in the military. Maybe you should write one about yourself and title it Gee, you're an idiot!