Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fan-mail--and a threat--from some idiot

So yesterday, I get an anonymous comment submitted to this blog calling me a racist for supporting the execution of that child rapist and murderer from Ohio. Ah,'s the nature of the internet that stupid people are now allowed to extend their stupidity far beyond the walls of their parents' basements, so it wasn't exactly a big deal. I probably would have even allowed the comment to appear except that it also contained a link to some no-doubt lame website and I don't care to give free advertising, especially to a site that obviously appeals to morons like the one who wrote in.

I also really don't care for people who insist on hiding behind "Anonymous" when they say dumb stuff and hurl insults, so I declined to publish the comment.

Well today, my new-found retarded fan/stalker/whatever left another comment, first of all obscenely expressing his impotent rage over the fact that his previous comment never got published, and then threatening to take this site down with a spam attack because of some pro-gun article that I wrote a couple of years ago. Of course being retarded, he didn't think to let me know exactly which pro-gun article that he found so objectionable. Since I have written a fair number of them (us pro-gun folks tend to do that), I have to confess that I have no idea which one twisted his panties and made him cry.

Pity. I'd have written three more just like it if I'd known.

Of course, being a coward, he again didn't sign his name, but since he did come here and comment twice at specific times, I at least have his IP address now, and I expect that it'll come in handy if I ever do detect an attempt at spamming this blog.

However I really don't see this goober having enough friends to mount a spam attack, or being smart enough to manage one on his own. He sure talks tough, but he reminds me of this guy, Rumsfield, from the movie "The Burbs":

Yeah, that's you, "Anonymous". A legend in your own mind, but comedy relief to the rest of us.

Now run along, sonny. Much as I appreciate the chuckle, somewhere out there, a village is no doubt looking for it's idiot....or in your case, I suspect that some gay bar is missing its men's room attendant.


  1. You reckon these anonymous commentors don't understand how the internet/computers work?
    Guessing not..
    All the better for us!!

  2. A racist? Well, then that makes a whole lot of us racists. There are a lot of people, especially parents, that would like to see justice carried out on a child rapist. That doesn't make them racist, junior.

  3. Had to laugh at your ending to this post! Yep...some gay bar out there is sure enough missing their boytoy. lol. :)
    Funny how ANON's will always try to threaten people yet they do not have the balls themselves to say who they are. Only shows just how cowardous they really are. And how dumb this one is to threaten you, all the while letting his IP address be known. *snort*
    Hope he goes and crawls back under the same rock he slithered out from.