Thursday, March 11, 2010

Still at it. Rachel Corrie's liberal parents sue Israel over their daughter's death.

It's been seven years since American leftist Rachel Corrie demonstrated astoundingly poor judgment in trying to stop an Israeli bulldozer from flattening a house used by Palestinian terrorists by hiding in the demolition area and popping up in front of the machine at the last second, trying to play "human shield". The results were predictable--Rachel Corrie was crushed beneath machine that she'd tried to stop. (Previously discussed in this article.)

Since that day, her fellow leftists have tried to lionize her as some sort of noble heroine, and her parents--both activists on behalf of Palestinian causes themselves--have chosen to blame Israel rather than admit that they themselves screwed up by supporting her and giving her the money to travel all over the world to bother people in the name of her typically Marxist causes. They have filed lawsuits against the Israeli government and even against Caterpillar, Inc.--the American company that made the bulldozer that Corrie tossed herself in front of.

Fortunately, the court--the US Ninth Circuit of all courts--tossed the suit against Caterpillar. But hell hath no fury like a liberal who feels wronged, and the Corries are in Haifa today, trying to get a paycheck.

Let me say right here that I sympathize in part with the Corries. No one should ever lose a child and it cannot be easy. However they were the ones who condoned her world travel and anti-American protests, and as her enablers and financiers, they bear a lot more blame than the nation-state of Israel or a firm that makes construction equipment. If Corrie had stayed in Washington State and just focused on her studies instead of going to other countries to wail about their policies, she'd probably still be alive today. But she decided that the Israelis were only going to be able to enforce their national security policies over her dead body, so she got some money for plane tickets from mom and dad and off she went, probably not realizing that in this case, the "over her dead body" part wasn't exactly going to be figurative.

Still, that sort of thing is entirely predictable when one hurls oneself in front of a bulldozer.

That said, I have to stand with the people of Israel and call for the dismissal of this asinine lawsuit, followed by the swift deportation of the Corries from Israel. Frankly, it says a lot about that country that they even allowed the Corries into their country and gave them access to their courts. I doubt that Rachel's cherished Palestinians would have been anywhere nearly this hospitable had she been killed in Gaza by PLO madmen.

People wanting the truth about Rachel Corrie and her delusional cause need only visit or read this commentary by Roberta Sied. It's clear that she had a number of emotional problems and unfortunately, when her parents just let her go her own way, others, including her progressive private school and assorted leftist activists around her were only too willing to indoctrinate and exploit her for their own ends, ultimately leading to her unfortunate death. In short, there is plenty of blame to go around, but none of it is Caterpillar's or Israel's.Her parents taught her so well: Rachel Corrie burns an American flag in Gaza.


  1. Sometimes it still amazes me that people can delude themselves to such an extent..

    I guess the good thing is that I can still be amazed at the idiocy of some...

  2. Its amazing that these people manage to survive ordinary every day life when they so clearly live in a world no one else does.

  3. Are the lawsuits an attempt to negate the fact that they raised a daughter, who if nothing else, lacks good judgment?

  4. Too bad they are not suing the International Solidarity Movement and the Palis who put her in front of the bulldozer, the real perpetrators of this incident.

  5. Dumb is dumb... THis may sound cold, but at least she didn't reproduce...

  6. to steal and modify a dixie chicks line, "I am shamed, and embarrassed to find out Rachel Corrie is from Washington."

    So ashamed, I may move to a mountain top over the border in Idaho.