Friday, October 02, 2009

When "Over My Dead Body!" isn't Just a Saying...

The angry Left is very well-known for trying to impose their chosen lifestyle on the rest of us, either insisting that we stop doing things that they personally don’t like or demanding that we all live as they want to live. They’re really good at putting their foot down and trying to block other people’s chosen way of living, but sometimes they tend to get carried away and go just that one step too far. And as examples, I bring you this list of loony lefties who overdid things just a tad, typically in ways that also qualified them for the Darwin Awards:

Diana Cushing Canning and Anthony Hernandez, both of California. On October 26, 2002, Canning and Hernandez basically knocked their own heads off as they were traveling through San Francisco in a converted school bus with their heads sticking up through a skylight. The skylight hit an overhanging concrete slab at the end of a tunnel, killing both of them. Canning and Hernandez were among two dozen passengers in the bus, en route to a demonstration against a possible war against Iraq. Another passenger in the bus said Hernandez and Canning had previously been asked to sit down while passing through the tunnel.

Rachel Corrie. In January of 2003, this over-indulged kid from Olympia Washington took a break from attending college courses and went to Israel. While there, she basically devoted herself full-time to protesting Israel and America and even burned American flags in front of cheering crowds of Hamas types. On March 16, she decided to stand in front of bulldozers that were removing structures that had been used by Palestinian terrorists and she wound up beneath one. “We were really surprised,” said one of her fellow useful idiot friends. “They’ve always stopped before.” Apparently they’d done this several times previously, but this time the operator of the machine didn’t see Rachel and she was inadvertently transformed into a human pancake.

Sebastien Briat, 21, from Meuse, France, In November of 2004, Sebastien chained himself to railroad tracks in that country to try to stop a train carrying nuclear materials. He rather stupidly chained himself to the tracks before the train actually stopped and placed himself just past a curve where the engineer was unable to see him until it was too late. Briat’s fellow morons said that Briat was “surprised by the train”, which ran him over, killing him. Surprise, asshole.

Tristan Anderson, 37, from California. Another trust-fund kid with no real purpose in life. He was struck in the head by a tear gas grenade on March 16, 2009 while throwing rocks at Israeli workers and soldiers who were building a security fence in Israel’s West bank. Like Rachel Corrie, Anderson was a member of the leftist “International Solidarity Movement”, a Palestinian front group that supports actions against Israel and the United States, mainly by recruiting spoiled rich American kids with low self-esteem and defective moral compasses.

Honorable mention: Weston Reidhead.
In the “hopefully he gets it right the next time” category, we have Weston.
On October 23, 1997, during an on-going campaign to stop a "salvage rider" timber sale in a wild, remote part of Northern California, Weston Reidhead was hit by a log truck on Sidewinder Road. Weston, born into a logging family in Southern Utah, was blockading one of the main haul roads for the controversial Outside timber sale in the Klamath National Forest, twenty miles south of Happy Camp. The log truck driver stopped his truck when he saw Weston in the road.

"The truck was stopped in the road and I was in front of it, yelling at the driver not to move, that I was under his tire. He called my bluff, but I wasn't bluffing," Weston stated after his feet were crushed by the truck's tires. Weston was transported by ambulance to
the emergency medical center in Yreka, and was treated for broken bones and lacerations on his ankle and feet. Weston only gets honorable mention since he didn't actually succeed in killing himself. As of the last report, he was still unable to walk and uses a wheelchair, or crawls on his knees.

Hey Weston, here’s a bit of advice: next time, put your head under the tires. That’ll show ‘em you mean business. Idiot.

Naturally, the left has lionized all of these fools. I don't condemn them for that, but I do wish that more leftists, to include Cindy Sheehan and the Code Pink harridans, would try a little harder to emulate them. Hey Code Pinkos--just a suggestion, but you could probably get a lot of attention if you all locked yourself together with a big, heavy pink chain and jumped off of the 14th Street Bridge into the Potomac...


  1. Anonymous10:26 PM

    It proves that being stupid can be fatal.

  2. I think my fav was the train track moron. lol. How stupid can you be!?!

  3. 1. They couldn't keep their heads on straight.

    2. ( Hamas supporter ) human vs. Israeli bulldozer operator...For those that don't know. When a homicide bomber does thier deed in Israel, the Israeli Army quickly finds out where he lives/lived and FLATTENS the house, REGARDLESS if anyone else is still in the house.

    Moral of the story is...if you are related to a homicide bomber who blows people up...listen for the sound of bulldozers and when you hear them coming..RUN.

    3. Perhaps a rousing chorus of " Unchained Melody " would be appropriate ?

    4. Obviously , the thought that Jewish soldiers would react like US soldiers was WRONG !!

    5. ( stupid) man vs. machine. Sounds like he could MC a new reality show.

  4. "ey Code Pinkos--just a suggestion, but you could probably get a lot of attention if you all locked yourself together with a big, heavy pink chain and jumped off of the 14th Street Bridge into the Potomac..."

    No, No, No!!!!!

    That would be water pollution!