Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How Low Will Code PINK Go?

Remember Code PINK? The radical leftist group that supposedly assembled to protest the wars? They heckled and harassed President Bush for much of his term and disrupted meetings of Congress numerous times during the Bush Administration. They even snuck into--and got thrown out of--several elite political functions, all to protest our involvement in two wars and the continued operation of the military prison at Guantanamo Bay.

At least they pretended that's what they were protesting.

You see, as soon as Barack Obama took office, Code PINK rolled up their banners and took off their pink t-shirts and went into hibernation. Now here we are, three years later. Guantanamo is still open and now we're involved in three wars, not two, and Code Pink's little band of bitter women, effeminate males and a few transsexuals apparently doesn't care any more. This is more than a little bit telling about their actual motives and the desires of their big-money backers behind the scenes. They can't protest Obama, even though militarily, he's following the Bush plans to the letter. Obama, you see, is their guy. But don't you worry. As soon as 2013 rolls around and the new Republican president takes office, they'll be right out there in front of the White House demanding that he end "his" wars immediately. And by "his", I mean the wars that Obama oversaw without objection from the loons on the left.

So what are the pinkos doing these days just to stay active?

Well they've taken up the cause of Hamas in Gaza, gushed admiration for Hugo Chavez, and interrupted Prime Minister Netanyahu when he tried to speak to Congress. But apparently that didn't get them enough press, so now they're deliberately getting arrested at the Jefferson Memorial by deliberately dancing and causing a disruption inside the monument itself, one of the few small places in demonstration-friendly Washington, DC where demonstrations of any kind are not allowed.

This is the best that Code Pink can do now that Obama is in power and George Soros or the Democrats have ordered an end to their protesting the wars? Seriously?


  1. Frikkin ridiculous...

  2. Been wondering where Cindy Sheehan has been. It's not the differences of opinion, it's the flippin' hypocricy of the left that galls me.