Friday, January 20, 2012

West Virginia's Gun-Hating Delegate John Doyle is at it again.

Sure as Spring follows Winter, you can expect Delegate John Doyle (D-57) to try to do something else to disarm both his constituents and the rest of us. This time, he's introduced HB 2229, a bill intended to create a new aw barring any of us in the state from purchasing more than two handguns in a thirty-day period.

Last time it was his effort to keep any of us from buying more than one gun in any 24-hour period. That failed, too.

Sadly, he keeps surviving elections. This tells me that too many West Virginians care more about knee-jerking in support of the Democrats than they care about preserving their freedoms. Pity that we cannot mandate that any gun-control legislation passed by would-be tyrants like Doyle only apply to the people who actually vote for them (or fail to vote at all). Maybe THAT would wake up some of those Stepford voters that keep casting ballots for his freedom-hating ass.

Thanks to the NRA for the tip.


  1. Looks like he is wearing a combat infantry badge on his lapel. Has anybody checked to see if he is entitled? Bet some VFW members might be willing to jump his shit.

  2. According to his bio, Doyle was actually a Rifle Platoon Leader in Vietnam, where he was awarded a Bronze Star along with the CIB.
    Kind of makes you wonder what would make a man like he apparently once was turn on his own like that.

  3. He kind of looks like he's be driving a crappy van close to schools and playgrounds asking little boys if they'd seen a lost puppy...and could they 'help' him find it.

  4. Probably from a district so Gerrymandered that a map of it would make a "modern artist" projectile vomit.

  5. WSF beat me to that comment, and I wonder why he's turned his back on the good folks...

  6. Ok. I give up and seriously, this is a serious questions because I really don't understand what is the dire need to purchase a 100 handguns a month?

    Really? I don't understand why this bill is a problem.

    Enlighten me please. Really. I just don't get the outrage.

  7. Katherine, who said anything about wanting to buy a hundred handguns in 30 days? Maybe I just want to buy three. And if I do--as I have before as a collector--who is Doyle or the state Democrat Party to tell me that I cannot, and threaten me with jail over it? Barring us from purchasing that which is lawful to purchase and possess? Seriously?

    There's this little thing called "Freedom" that Doyle and the Dem majority seem to have a problem with.

  8. So are you saying anyone should be able to purchase as many handguns or any kind of gun that they want without any regulation?

  9. No Katherine, that's not what I said and you know it. But before the government can be allowed to curtail our liberties, it needs to show a compelling reason. Doyle has not shown such a reason, especially in light of the fact that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms already tracks buyers who purchase two or more handguns at a time. This attempted restriction by Doyle is not necessary, and furthermore, it could not be enforced without some sort of central tracking system to tally who in the state is buying how many guns, when and where. That would require the establishment of a registration system of some sort, and that's totally unacceptable.

    No, the current system of keeping felons from buying them works well enough. But if Doyle were such a fan of keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, why isn't he working to get the feds to prosecute the convicted felons who try to purchase the firearms and are denied at the dealer? Present law is that even the application by a felon is a crime, yet none are ever charged or prosecuted for it--they're just sent away.

    Let's actually try to enforce the laws on the books before we pass any more, eh?

  10. Ok! that is the kind of enlightenment I was talking about!

    I did not know that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms already tracks buyers who purchase two or more handguns at a time.

    So, Now I see the light and why the law is unnecessary and redundant and doesn't really accomplish anything - at least for now. :)