Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Ten years ago yesterday

 I was going to post this yesterday but I decided that it was going to be General Yeager's day. I checked with Murphy and he was good about it.  Crazy old dog...can't believe it's been ten years.

He's here!

Ten years ago, the dog foster drove down from Maryland to mi casa in West Virginia and dropped off this dog.  "Can't sell him to you because the rescue considers him too dangerous. Just take him. And if you really have trouble with him, you can bring him back."  With those words of encouragement, they snuck out of the house while the dog was exploring and they were gone. And this dog cried and cried, because he'd been abandoned by his people again.

And he was a handful. He was spirited and usually obedient, but only when he was within arm's reach. And he knew. So we had issues like this:

Damn dog!

And him "helping" me reload ammunition: 

Not helpful!

We had a lot of disagreements those early days, because he'd been abused and neglected and was almost feral after a spending year in the dog pound, but he came around, and while he's never been the "perfect" dog, he's a damned good dog, and that's good enough for me,


  1. Hamsters would never have been as entertaining...

  2. He's a great dog, and a great companion. Pretty sure we're all glad you two found each other. :)

  3. Yes he is, does he still hate plaid shirts???

    1. The older he gets the harder it is to keep track of what he hates. But I love the guy.

  4. Hey Murphy;

    We come here to read about the antics of your Assorted"Hamsters" not how you are doing...You do realize that, LOL He is a good dog and hit the Motherlode when you scarfed him up from the foster home.

  5. Happy anniversary to you both. I had dogs as a kid, but didn't start to understand dogs until I met my Sweet Little Wife, who had two. One was the mother of the other, and they were both great dogs. After the oldest one passed, The Kids got another pup, and it was fun to see an 8-week old puppy try and play with an 11-year old dog. Then when the older one passed a couple of years later, I got to watch the 2-year old dog interact with another 8-week old pup. They sure have different personalities, and it's interesting to watch them interact.

  6. You both hit the jackpot by finding each other. Adding Belle and Merida to the mix just made it all better. Please give all three a scrub on the head for me with an extra for Murphy for all of the stories he's helped you write.

  7. Happy anniversary to you both!