Sunday, October 24, 2021

A real sign of the times

                  Last night we had our first New Orleans parade in over 18 months. It was the Krewe of Boo Halloween parade, traditionally the first real parade of parade season, which runs through Mardi Gras (This year, March 1st). And it was rushed and kinda small since the city only green-lighted it two weeks ago. Still, they managed to pull together a show with 14 floats and each one had a complete marching band and/or dance group in between them. It was vintage New Orleans again and for the first time since Covid hit, it started to feel normal again.

But one thing that caught my eye was this large sign on the very first horse-drawn wagon leading the parade:


This isn't Cajun Country or North Louisiana. You'd expect this sign there--and sometimes a lot more--but this flew downtown New Orleans, on the little blue island in the middle of the big red lake that is Louisiana. This it the city that  mourned when Trump was elected and voted overwhelmingly for Biden two years later. And last night, this sign led the parade and was applauded. Wow. If that's not a sign of interesting things to come next election, I don't know what is.

(For those not in the know, all three of you, it's a polite euphemism that means "Fuck Joe Biden". And it's popping up everywhere. Even here.

As for the rest of the parade, It was fun and I'm still mildly hung over.


  1. Nice!

    Guy down on Johnnycake has had huge F...etc etc...Joe Biden banners since the election. Caused some "I don't want me kids to see" fussing that didn't last long.

  2. Thanks for the photos - nice - and Let's Go Brandon!

  3. Those floats are superb!
    And the gals ain't bad, either....

  4. Hey Murphy;

    Very nice floats, and the babes weren't bad looking either...good choice, and the "Lets Go Brandon" is a harbinger of the 2022 election...unless the donks are successful in stealing that one also.

  5. Great photos and yes, this starts the season!!!

  6. Going back to NOLA for first time since the 'rona and I gots questions - and would trust your answers (reading you before y'all went flying with Spud). Would you be kind enough to email me at the email listed at ?

  7. well, I'm late commenting as usual - looks like a good time, big fist bump and fist pump to the first banner. Now if we can only survive until then and make sure the election isn't stolen again. Will be very interesting to see what happens in VA next week.