Monday, November 24, 2014

Does this offend you?

Apparently the following editorial cartoon by Gary Varvel run in last Friday's Indy Star hit a bit too close to home with the Obama Administration, because the Indy Star promptly retracted it and apologized, claiming that "many people were offended by it".

And while it's true that most every Liberal opinion board and blog is going nuts about this cartoon today, I can't recall a newspaper pulling and apologizing for editorial cartoons that offend normal decent Americans. My own suspicion is that heat was applied by the White House, and since most of today's media still slavishly works to curry favor with Obama, they caved like they never would have done had the "offended parties" been veterans or gun owners or Americans with conservative ideals.

The cartoon is spot on though, and while it's critics line up to call it "racist", none have yet offered a convincing argument claiming that it's untrue.

Oh--and welcome to my sidebar, Gary Varvel.


  1. The local rag here used to have (may still, I no longer read it) has a cartoonist whose motto was "I don't aim to please, I just aim."
    Probably gone now, as he was generally politically incorrect.


  2. That cartoon is dead on... THAT is what has them upset!

  3. If people are offend by the truth, they have serious issues!

  4. OH THE HORROR! (Heh!)

  5. I saw that one and thought..."Man , it is spot one down to the climbing in the window and the color of the people..." I knew the liberals pansies would get their panties in a wad on that one. Gary Varvel was awesome on that one.

  6. I'm not offended by the cartoon. I think that it's accurate. In fact, every liberal family should sponsor a wetback family that can live with them (think "Down and Out in Beverly Hills").

  7. Anonymous5:05 PM

    If the truth hurts boo hoo boo hoo.
    I am not offended

  8. What was really funny was that one paper (Indianapolis?) that fixed the cartoon by removing the mustache from the guy with his leg over the window sill. Mustaches are racist? I have a 'stache, but I didn't know I was Mexican - when did that happen?

    Wait... Mexican is a race?

  9. Remember when Ms Pelosi met with the "immigrants" in Texas and told them she wished she "take them home with her"....? Alas, what a perfect solution that would have been.

    Just saying.